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The Health Benefits of Miso Soup ...

By Mabelle

Instead of bacon, toast and eggs, the staple breakfast food in Japan is actually Miso soup. This classic dish which quickly warms the stomach and the palate is usually made with rice.

Check out this linkto get the complete recipe of Women's Health Magazine's very own twist – it includes easy-to-find ingredients like shitake mushrooms, tofu and scallions.

So what is it about Miso soup which makes it orientally delicious? It’s basically a combination of that salty yet buttery texture which makes for one truly satisfying and savory soup.

Now, in order to entice you more in trying out this Miso soup recipe, here are the health **benefits **that you will get from miso:

• It's a great source of trytophan, manganese, vitamin K, protein, zinc, copper and dietary fibers.

• The nutrients in Miso help protect against breast cancer.

• The minerals help boost the immune function, boosts your energy level as well as your bone and blood vessel health.

To enjoy all of these health benefits, carry with you one of those dried Miso soup packets and use it as a healthy substitute for coffee – yum yum!

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