Hamilton Beach Indoor Contact Grill with Removable Grids 25295 ...


Hamilton Beach Indoor Contact Grill with Removable Grids 25295 ...
Hamilton Beach Indoor Contact Grill with Removable Grids 25295 ...

Hamilton Beach 25295 Indoor Grill / Griddle with Removable Grids - Sear steaks, seafood, veggies and more - rain or shine. This indoor grill sits right on your countertop or table for cooking all the food youd normally do on a barbecue or stovetop grill. It includes two sets of grids - one for grilling and the other, a griddle for favorites like breakfast foods and sandwiches. Both have nonstick surfaces so food wont stick and cleanup is a snap. Surfaces remove for cleaning in the dishwasher. The grill offers 120 square inches of cooking surface when opened flat, and for fast grilling, lower the top half and sear both sides of food at once. Other highlights include a removable tray for catching fat, a timer with auto shutoff and a booklet of 20 recipes.

Don Writes On Amazon **I** was very intrigued by the Hamilton Beach Indoor grill/griddle with removable grids. I saw the commercial, but was hooked on the advertisement featuring removable grids. That advertisement sold me on purchasing one. Since purchasing one, I have been using it quite often. The ease of use and easy clean up keeps it from being a stowaway appliance. (Nut chopper, Salsa maker and toaster oven)

**I** really like the speed of cooking hamburgers and toasted sandwiches within five minutes. The dual sided cooking surface keeps the food hot and moist. The food remains hot inside for quite a long time and there is a noticeable difference to microwave heat.

The best features are: dual sided cooking, attached adjustable timer and the removable grids. I liked the removable grids the most because when you continuous cook for four or five times without cleaning the grids they can become very dirty. But you just pop them out and let them soak in soapy dishwater. The non-stick surface makes any burnt particles slid right off. This model (25295) has interchangeable grids; One set flat griddle grid and one set of ribbed grilling grids.

As with all kitchen appliances, there are some small inconviences to this grill. The grill must be heated up for five minutes before any cooking is done. (Five minutes is a lot of time to some people.) The bottom grill is slightly slanted for the grease and debris to slide down to the removable tray. This uneven grid makes uneven cook times if two items are cook simultaneously. The grease/debris tray is not locked into place, so it could fall out easily. We don’t want grease all over the counter do we!

All in all, this grill/griddle is very useful and convenient for a small family.

Theawesome1 Writes on Epinions

**I** just received a present after our year old George Foreman grill went cold. I open the UPS box to find a Hamilton Beach Contact Grill/Griddle - Model #25295.

HB insert description for easy reading but not totally copied: Measures approximately 14 by 6 by 12 inches. Electric indoor grill/griddle with nonstick dishwasher-safe grids. Opens up flat for 120-square-inch double cooking space Meals ready in 10 minutes or less; auto shutoff when cooking cycle complete. Removable, dishwasher-safe drip tray for low-fat cooking included.

**I** have to admit is surpasses George for space, fast clean up since the grids come out & can go in the dishwasher or right into soapy water in the sink. Nothing burns since the timer turns it off, not just alerting you to do it. White unit with black grids that you get an extra surprise since the grilling grids flip over to a flat grill to do pancakes, fried eggs, even grilling veggies. This now has a special area atop my glasstop stove for fast cooking instead of heating up pots & pans to make dinner.

So next to the outdoor grill, this rates highly since I can grill veggies that fall into the rocks of the outdoor grill while chicken or steaks are out there.

For under $50, it is a GO GET IT NOW item!

UPDATE: Day 2 of ownership has me learning some neat tricks. Spray cooking oil on grill/grids & cook for 5 minutes to “season” them. This keeps the anti stick feature working perfectly. So great to rinse of salad plate as the DING goes off as it turns off, yet keeps warm the other serving for husband still eating his salad. The sides have “handles” on them that say HOT & they mean it. So let it cool down before you plan to wash them or put in dishwasher.

Did faquitas today with the slivered steak on one side of the flat cooker, veggies on opposite & folks could serve themselves as I kept adding more meat to brown in under 6 minutes. All wanted to buy it! Then on of the gals unclips the deep well for fat & almost got a good burn, so be sure to watch kids & company when they want to play with it as it falls out easily.

To register the unit just phone HB & they will take your info, tho they know me well with just my phone #, since I have plenty of HB appliances. Be sure to staple your recipe to the book that you keep for warranty (3 years with AMEX, MC or VISA).

So join me in enjoying a great griller with a griddle for more goodies. Loads better than George. Sorry Champ!


• Electric indoor grill/griddle with nonstick dishwasher-safe grids
• Opens up flat for 120-square-inch double cooking space

• Meals ready in 10 minutes or less

• Auto shutoff when cooking cycle complete

• Removable, dishwasher-safe drip tray for low-fat cooking included

• Measures approximately 14 by 6 by 12 inches

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