How to Get Rid of Extra Loose Skin after Weight Loss ...


How to Get Rid of Extra Loose Skin after Weight Loss ...
How to Get Rid of Extra Loose Skin after Weight Loss ...

Losing weight is an outstanding achievement, especially if you’ve been overweight for quite a while. It takes a lot of discipline, patience, and determination to reach your ideal body weight. Furthermore, it makes you a lot healthier than you ever imagined. However, some people’s bodies are different and they might have extra skin after losing so much weight. It’s quite common and it can be treated. Not only will you feel healthy and have the optimal weight you need, but you will also look great and feel comfortable with your body. Read on if you want to learn more about the loose skin you might have after losing weight and the steps to take to get rid of it.

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Why do I Have Loose Skin after Losing Weight?

Numerous people ask that question because loose skin after losing weight can make them uncomfortable and unhappy. The joy of hitting that milestone and reaching the optimal body weight that can keep them healthy is cut short because of the excess skin. The reason varies, but the most common one is because of quick weight loss methods that shock the body. It doesn’t give your skin enough time to catch up with the rapid changes in your body. The reason why it’s a lot is that your skin expands during weight gain.

This makes room for the growth in various parts of your body, whether it’s your abdomen, chest, arms, thighs, buttocks, and other areas of the body. When you gain weight over the years, the skin stretches out tremendously. Sometimes the elastin and collagen protein fibers in the organ get damaged. This means that when you finally lose the weight years later, the excess parts lose their ability to retract with the rest of your body. It can be scary for some people but don’t panic too much. Everything has a solution, even the excess skin problem.


Modern Rejuvenation Method

Some people go for the modern rejuvenation method of dealing with this problem by getting mesotherapy. This type of method tightens the skin over time, helping it retract again as the protein in the organ heals. Advice from several dermatologists and beauty therapists suggests that you learn everything about the mesotherapy treatment before you begin the procedure. You need to be sure if the type of loose skin you have can be treated this way or not. This is why it’s important to go and have several checkups to ensure that this method can be viable for your body. This technique is done correctly by having several injections on the saggy body parts. These injections have hormones, enzymes, vitamins, and plant extracts that will gradually remove the loose parts and tighten them accordingly for the retraction process. This treatment can help you significantly if your body type can respond to the treatment.


Using Firming Lotions

You can start using firming lotions and creams to help solve this problem. These creams are designed to hydrate and tighten the extra parts and they slowly aid the production of collagen and elastin in the organ. You just need to be patient and apply the lotion regularly. It would be wise if you consult with your doctor or skincare therapist before using any type of cream. They can advise you on which ones you should use and give you the right plan for applying them. The ingredients in the creams are extremely important and you need to be sure that they’re safe. If you use the right lotion, your skin will get the boost it needs to get healthy and retract normally over time. The vitamins, amino acids, caffeine, glycolic acids, and moisturizing ingredients will help you look beautiful and make you feel comfortable.


Weight Training

You can expect weight training to have a positive impact on your body’s weakened retraction process. When you start working out and lifting weights, your body gets bigger again because you gain muscle mass. This is the good kind of gaining body mass because it’s healthy and makes you look better. When the muscles in your body expand, this makes up for some of the space that your skin used to cover. This means that when you lift weights and build muscle mass, you will lessen the bad appearance of saggy parts in your body.

Talk to your trainer and explain your situation to them. They will help you by giving you a set of good weightlifting exercises that can build the lean muscles in specific parts of your body to make up for the empty space it has. This method will take some time and you need to be patient. It would be wise to combine it with other techniques to help the biggest organ in your body to get back to normal again.


Surgical Methods

Some people prefer going for the surgical route to get rid of the flabby parts in their bodies. It’s an effective technique that can help you look and feel better. The best part about it is that it’s a nice quick method of getting your dream body. Removing the excess parts needs a specialized plastic surgeon that can perform several procedures to fix your problem. Some of these procedures are tummy tucks which are also known as Abdominoplasty. This focuses on the abdominal area. Furthermore, you will need a Thighplasty or thigh lift to remove all of the extra parts all over your thighs, an arm lift or Brachioplasty for your arms, and a Gluteoplasty or bum lift for your buttocks area.

All of these procedures will need extensive recovery time to heal because they are all large incision procedures. Keep in mind that no reputable and professional surgeon would ever perform all of the procedures at once. They will be divided accordingly and you will need multiple visits and surgeries. This can take several months or even years, depending on your situation and budget. Not a lot of people can go for this method because it can get quite expensive. However, there is no shame in having these procedures if you can afford it or you want to feel comfortable and happy again.


Going Keto

Some people can go for the keto diet for solving this issue with their bodies. The keto diet is unlike other diet plans because it’s a metabolic process and it’s a powerful way to regulate the insulin in your body. Ketogenic lifestyles require you to eat healthy fats that don’t spike the cortisol and insulin levels in your body. Mastering your cortisol and insulin is key to have a tighter body and it can regenerate the damaged collagen and elastin cells in your organ. This means that reaching ketosis can keep you healthy and it can slowly solve the excess and saggy body parts you have.

You need to understand the insulin is the fat-storage hormone and cortisol is the stress hormone. The plan is to master your stress and get it under control by calming down, sleeping well, and relaxing more often. These two hormones have a huge impact on your skin and they can be controlled to help regulate your body cells. The relationship with keto and these hormones is that it can help you control them and give you a firm and healthy skin.


Cutting off Alcohol and Nicotine

You must cut off alcohol and nicotine for a while until you fix your flabby and excess skin problem. This might be difficult for some people, but it’s necessary to help the protein cells in your body. If you consume less alcoholic beverages and don’t smoke, then the collagen and elastin cells can slowly regenerate. If you implement this decision and have a healthier lifestyle without nicotine and alcohol, you will complement the other methods that help your body get back to normal again.

Remember that this method isn’t enough to fix the issue, but it does have a positive impact on making the process go faster. Overall, you are better off without nicotine and alcohol because doing this can make you healthier and happier. Most people that eat right and lose weight replace the bad habits of eating junk food with drinking and smoking. You need to be smart about this and avoid falling into this path of addiction. Stay safe and stay healthy to make the process of tightening your saggy parts a lot easier.


Avoiding Specific Oils

You’d be surprised to know that avoiding some specific oils can help you in the process of looking better. Some oils that might be healthy can be detrimental to your skin. You need to avoid using and consuming most of the inflammatory vegetable oil that can be bad for your protein cells. You need to avoid soybean, corn, cottonseed, canola, sunflower, and peanut oils. These inflammatory vegetable oils will always make your skin look bad and they won’t help with the retraction process. Swap the inflammatory types of oils with olive, coconut, avocado, grass-fed ghee, and grass-fed butter oils. They have saturated fats that your cell membranes are made up of. This means that it can help with the healing and retracting process.

Another important and controversial oil that is healthy but not in your specific case is fish oil. Even though it’s proven to help your skin, it has short-term benefits. Most studies indicate that the benefits do not outweigh the consequences when it comes to skin health. The fact is that 83% of fish oil is rancid and rotten before you consume it. When it’s mixed with stomach acids, it heats up and oxidizes. When that happens, it reaches the epidermis and oxidizes even more. This damages your protein cells and that doesn’t help your plans to retract your loose and flabby body parts. It’s recommended that you avoid fish oil completely, even though it may have benefits for other people.


Drinking Celery Juice

The idea of drinking celery juice sounds simple, but it can be quite beneficial. Celery juice has numerous health benefits. Some of these benefits are hydrating your skin and maintaining your protein cells within that organ. Make it a habit of yours to drink this type of juice every morning before breakfast. You need to be sure that you drink it on an empty stomach to reap the rewards later. The nutrients your body absorbs can heal the broken-down and damaged protein cells, allowing it to slowly retract again to match your current body mass after losing weight.

Some people might find it difficult to prepare this drink, but it’s quite easy. Try to invest in a juicer to make the preparation process a lot easier for you. However, you can use a blender and a nut milk bag to make the juice easily. You just cut the celery into small pieces, pour some water, blend it, and then strain it with the nut milk bag to squeeze all the juice out. This leaves out all the hard celery parts that you don’t need in this nutritious drink.


Important Fact to Understand

Everyone who has this condition must understand that it can’t be fixed overnight. It will take a lot of effort and patience because the results will not be instant. Even surgery needs a long time to fully transform your body. Overall, the process might take a year or two for most people and that is completely normal. Don’t panic and don’t use over-the-counter supplements that might harm your body.

Keep in mind that this isn’t a rare issue to have after losing weight. You don’t need to worry too much because you’re not alone when it comes to saggy skin that stays behind after all the hard work you’ve done. The stretched-out skin can be treated and you won’t have to deal with it any longer. You have numerous ways to go for when it comes to getting rid of the excess skin. You just need to find the most optimal ways that suit your body type and situation. Over time, you will notice and see excellent improvements in the skin’s elasticity. Following these methods can help you feel confident and happy again when you head to the swimming pool or the beach!

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