Gemini Monthly Horoscope ...

By Oksana

Gemini Monthly Horoscope ...

Gemini Horoscope (May 22 - June 21)
Your family needs you. Your beloved, your kids, your parents. They all need your attention. Try to understand them even if they don’t understand you. Be yourself in any situation, this will solve all the problems.

Your lucky days will be 9, 10, 17.

Gemini Celebrities:
Angelina Jolie
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Nicole Kidman
Will Ferrell’s ‘Bewitched’ Parenting Advice to Nicole
Glowing Mom Nicole’s Post-baby Outing
Nicole & Keith Welcomes a Baby Girl!

Adriana Lima
Adriana Lima’s Obsession Photoshoot
The Top 20 Best Paid Models in the Industry
The 50 Hottest Women Celebrities!

Heidi Klum
What do you Think of Heidi Klum’s Jordache Fall Ad?
The Power of Beauty: The Most Powerful Models
Heidi Klum & Seal’s Renewed Marriage Vows - Again?

Natalie Portman
The 50 Hottest Women Celebrities!
Top 10 Smoky Eyes on Celebrities

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