Geeky Father's Day Gifts at KlearGear ...

**Sponsored Post:** Mother’s Day has passed, and now Father’s Day is just around the corner. KlearGear is a great place to find unique geeky gifts for your dad - or any geeky loved one. In the past we’ve posted about several of KlearGear’s one of a kind nerdy products, including the pocket protector wearing GeekMan Action Figure, the Desktop Air Conditioner for sweaty cubicles and their adorable or scary Desktop toppers for sprucing up your work environment. But the fun and super nerdy products available at Kleargear doesn’t stop there. Some of our other favorites include the PC Drawer for $14.99 for stashing hidden goodies inside your tower. For female geeks, there is a big selection as well. Computa, the office god of computing helps protect from crashes, program hangs and ~gasp~ the dreaded blue screen of death. Then there is the funny, yet somewhat disturbing Technology Under Control Candle Woman which is a handcrafted candle of a woman standing on top of a destroyed PC. Yeh, we’ve all been there. Minus the flames anyway.

They also have a large selection of T-Shirts that only the geekiest of kin could appreciate. “There’s No Place like″ on a Baby Doll T or regular T-shirt, “I Sea Dead Pixels”, “I May be old, but I’m not technologically obsolete” and “No, I will not fix your computer” are just a few and they each retail for $11.99. Our only complaint with KlearGear’s online store is that so many of their cool items are so popular that they are often out of stock, so make sure to order early if need the gift in time for an occasion.

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