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Gift Buying Tips from the Pros

By melissa.

** Courtesy Fred Flare**

Can’t handle Black Friday at the mall but don’t know where to start on the web? Take a cue from a celebrity stylist, fashion blogger and boutique owner, who share their favorite sites to shop this gift-giving season.

–Eric Daman, Gossip Girl’s costume designer, has a long list of go-to favorites, such as,, and, but he raves for items that are “young and contemporary with an edge you can’t find in stores” — like these talking watches, $20.

–Katherine Power, cofounder of knows everything there is to know about celebrity fashion and has a good eye for gifts, too. If you’re looking to add a personal touch to blankets, towels or bags, head to But if you’re looking for something truly unique, Power recommends “Hands down the best online food retailer,” she says. “They have obscure imported butters, olive oil galore and the best bread ever.”

–Besides eBay and the gourmet food store, Darren Gold, co-owner of the L.A. boutique Alpha Man, loves the blog for ideas. “They’re very on top of new things whether it’s a gadget or a service,” he says. “Every day they add something new.” But Alpha Man’s other owner, Chris Garkinos, offers a tip for those who are still at a loss for ideas: “Buy something that you really like. Chances are someone will like it, too.”

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