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Haute Holiday Gift Guide the Gift of Sleep ...

By Lauren

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When you think about, sleep is a key element during the holidays. The days are shorter which makes you ready to pass out at 5:00pm, holiday shopping is exhausting, and you need to get some shut eye while waiting for Santa -- there is a lot of sleep happening in December. With all of that sleeping the proper sleepwear is a must have, so give the gift of sleep this holiday season.

Pajama Mama: P.J.'s aren't just for kids anymore; adult pajamas are just as fun to wear and are almost cuter than kids' pajamas. Sleep in stripes, penguins, sweet">">sweet and treats, or kiss up to Santa by wearing him to bed.
Snuggle up:** There is nothing festive about plain white sheets, show your girly side with these cozy pink sheets from Victoria's Secret. If Victoria's Secret is too low-end for you, maybe a $625 cashmere blanket will do the trick.
Sleepy extras:** A good nights sleep isn't a good nights sleep without those fun little extras like a Breakfast at Tiffany's sleep mask and a pair of slippers. If you want to go that extra mile with the extras, stock up on candy cane toothpaste from GoSmile and arobe from NAP.
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