Haute Holidays Gift Guide for the Girly Couture Kid ...


Haute Holidays Gift Guide for the Girly Couture Kid ...
Haute Holidays Gift Guide for the Girly Couture Kid ...

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Kids are getting awfully stylish these days, they have it better than adults and certainly have it better than when I was a kid. Back then the closest thing to designers fashions that my closet saw where Osh Kosh and The Children's Place. Here are some gifting ideas for your couture kid.

Juicy Couture Girls Skull Watch: Want to know how much my watch costs? It costs $20. This children's watch by Juicy Couture is $95. No child of mine would ever have a watch more expensive than my own, it just wouldn't happen.

**True Religion Kids Skinny Jeans: **Let's mess with kids' body image when they are nice and young by forcing them to wear skinny jeans.
Pink Burberry Poncho:** Let your kid be rad in plaid with this pink Burberry poncho.

**Lacoste Sneakers: **When I was a kid I had velcro shoes from Kmart. Yes Kmart, can you believe it? These shoes are $50 from Lacoste and you can bet that your kid is going to grow out them in 2 weeks.

Mary Jane Socks: I wish it were acceptable for me to not wear shoes and instead wear socks that just looked like shoes. Life would be grand.

Juicy Couture "Mini Fluffy" Bag: What does a kid need a kid purse for? To carry their "kid" cell phone ... and their "kid" make up! Buy that kid a backpack for goodness sake so they can put some books in there. Books, what a concept huh kids?
Mini Mercedes: **You can't have your couture kid making a fool out of themselves riding a bike now can you? Put their spoiled behind the wheel.

**Baby Daisy Headband: **This $30 headband is cute. For me! Shame my big head won't fit into a baby's headband. **

Seven for All Mankind Trench:** Who needs a ratty bubble jacket when you can outfit your tot in a sleek trench coat.
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