Haute Holiday Gift Guide Gadget Gifts for the Glamour Girl ...


Haute Holiday Gift Guide Gadget Gifts for the Glamour Girl ...
Haute Holiday Gift Guide Gadget Gifts for the Glamour Girl ...

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She's a Gadget Girl, whether that means her beauty routine involves batteries and electricity, or her tech devices are trendy and designer. For her, Holiday shopping is, quite frankly, easy. We've pulled together 25 of the best gadgets gifts money can buy for the Glamour Girl (from top to bottom in the matrix):

Beauty and the Best: Start her off in the bathroom with a Recessed Mirror with 20" LCD Flat Screen TV so she can catch a few episodes of Project Runway while her foundation sets. There's also the no!no! for futuristic hair removal, Zeno for zit-zapping, Oprah's favorite Clarisonic for smoother skin, Jonathon Antin's Water Purification system that delivers chemical-free, pH-balanced water from the shower head to give her locks the look of luxe, and the Zelco Compact Mirror with Light for late night touchups.

What Not to Wear and Tear: Whirlpool's portable wardrobe refresher is appropriately named Pret-a-Porter for the clothes horse who shan't risk the wear and tear on her designer duds with chemicals from the dry cleaner.

Couture Computing: There's everything sexy about a girl on a laptop, and Colorware will custom color MacBooks to keep them from blending in with the black and white. LaCie Huby is the perfect intersection of form and function for managing multiple devices and might remind her to brush her own hair every once in a while. Samsung's sleek, simple SCX-4500 is the Little Black Dress of printers -- multi-functional and beautifully simple. Diamonds might be a girl's best friend, but data is a gadget girl's best friend, which makes the Swarovski crystal USB Memory Key "forever."

Pretty in PDA: It's not enough for designers to just makes cases and accessories for cell phones and PDAs. Now everyone from Diane von Furstenberg to Prada, to Giorgio Armani are branding the devices directly. If the label alone isn't enough, then cover an iPod in gold, or a Motorola in diamonds, and she'll twinkle when she talks. If money is no object, then the object of her desire will be the pink leather Vertu, which should probably come with a small car for its $5,700 price.

SPF (Self Protection Factor): In a category by itself, the Taser International is a step forward in self-defense over pepper spray. She'll need it to fight off attackers, and we're not talking about criminals. You haven't seen the bargain-hunting b***es at the Barney's sample sale.

Look Good While Listening: A Stiletto you can't wear? She'll still love that the Sirius Stiletto plays her satellite channels. If all you can afford right now is a Shuffle, that's okay. The diamond encrusted Shuffle is only a mere $40,000 or so. Nanos come in an array of colors, so she can match her outfits.

Cover Shot: Thank god for digital photos, not that she uses Photoshop to retouch pictures of herself. Why would she need to, assuming a $2,400 gold and diamond camera takes pictures that are worth just as much.

Excessories: No outfit is complete without accessorizing, and both the Moi Necklace and SureFire Titan Flashlight shine brighter than any set of diamonds.

Too Hot to Handle: Risk chapped skin and a chipped manicure on her cold hands? Not a chance, especially with the 1955 Pocket Hand Warmer that she can hold onto inside her gloves, in her purse, or, duh, in her pockets.

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