Haute Holiday Gift Guide Luxury Gifts for Men ...


Haute Holiday Gift Guide Luxury Gifts for Men ...
Haute Holiday Gift Guide Luxury Gifts for Men ...

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Most men couldn't tell the difference between a Bic disposable razor and a $650 Art of Shaving razor. Those are the same men that say, "Get me a pack of socks for Christmas." (I am familiar with that man because that man is my father). For these men who absolutely can tell the difference between a cheap razor and a luxury razor and only settle for the finer things in life ... this gift list is for them.

**Fancy footwear: **For the man who has almost as many pairs of shoes as you have in your closet, how about a pair of Skull Wing Tip shoes. After hours, let him slip into a pair of Velvet Dragon Evening shoes. For those of you who don't speak the language of "spoiled rotten," "evening shoes" is code for slippers.****

Business time: Most men I know carry everything they need in a wallet. How they do it, I don't know. For the men who wouldn't dream of such a thing, gift them with a $1,280 calfskin briefcase by Christian Dior. If a briefcase alone isn't enough, add this Gecko Letter Opener to his package and he will open your credit card statements with glee.****

Status symbols: Women have shoes and bags to show their status; men have cufflinks and watches to show theirs. This slick black watch by Christian Diorwill certainly turn heads coming in at a whopping $3,950.00. And if $3,950.00 is a little too steep try these skull cufflinksfor $375 at Nordstrom, which is equally impressive.****

For the guy that has everything: You can never go wrong with a great pair of Ray-Ban sunglassesor this fun poker set from Vivre.com... men love stuff like that.
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