Friday Fashion Blog Favs ...


Friday Fashion Blog Favs ...
Friday Fashion Blog Favs ...

Fab How-To: Stacked Gold Bracelets FAB SUGAR (read full article)

Drew is looking so hot lately and in this Roberto Cavalli dress at the Music and Lyrics premiere last week she piled on stacked gold bracelets. I think she went a bit overboard but I do really like this look.

Image [Via]
Indie Designer Weekly: Pink Elf COUTURE IN THE CITY (read full article)’s latest indie designer find Pink Elf Spring Collection 2007. The ultra versatile Kimono Dress…
Junk Necklace OMIRU (read full article)
While at the hardware store, designer Erica Anenberg was inspired to recreate everyday objects–such as the tab from a soda can–in jewelry form. Pairing the soda can tab with a nail, drill bit, and a nut, she created a "junk" necklace that looks anything but.

Madonna looking hot and sleek in H&M ads BACK IN SKINNY JEANS (read full article)

Madonna has a new line of clothing called "M" coming out for H&M around the end of March. Of course there is an ad campaign to help promote the new line, and Madge is looking pretty darn good in these ads.


elf h & m h m madonna pink

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