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What is it with all the "magic" color change products hitting the market these days? Are we entering the Second Age of the Mood Lipstick? First there was the **Almay Smart Shade** foundation (or more accurately, tinted moisturizer), and now there's **O-Glow blush from Smashbox**.

I tried this little innovation this weekend (all of you who railed at me over the Almay piece, did you read that? I tried it! OK?) and the results were a bit of a mixed bag.

O-Glow is a clear gel blush, nearly identical in texture to Smashbox Photo Finish Primer, that claims to turn your cheeks "perfectly rosy - the shade you blush naturally!" Well, I'm pretty sure that my natural blush color isn't bright, radioactive fuschia, but that's the result I had with O-Glow.

It's true that the product reacts with your skin's moisture to change color (as claimed), but I don't really buy into the idea that it somehow customizes itself to your skin tone. Evidence? The residue around the cap of the tester tube was the same bright fuschia as it was on my face.

Another data point: O-Glow claims to be "microcirculating and skin energizing to keep cheeks naturally flushed for hours." Sure, but not for the reasons claimed. The color is in the product, not your skin (see cap residue example above). It does last for hours, but that's probably due to the "grabby" silicone formula that made its cousin Photo Finish Primer so famous.

Bottom line? If you normally wear bright pink blush, you're probably going to love this. The texture is amazing, and the lasting power is quite good. I would recommend it for dark skin tones that can handle a bright pop of color on the cheeks. But, it's not a miracle worker. If fuschia doesn't look natural on you, O-Glow isn't going to miraculously turn tawny, or peach, or rose, on your skin. In fact, it is quite wretched on my pale complexion, and I imagine it wouldn't look too hot on Mediterranean or olive complexions, either (see **The Non Blonde** for another experience).

If you want something a little less obvious without sacrificing texture and longevity, go for one of the Tarte Cheekstains - your best bet is probably Flush.

So...Have you tried O-Glow? What do you think?

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