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Foot Care Relieving Tired and Swollen Feet

By Olga

High heels, a lot of walking, all night dancing - it all shows on your feet! Here are some useful tips that will help you to relieve tired and swollen feet in no time:
• Rest your feet above your head for 10 minutes: do this by lying at right angles to a wall, or on the bed with your feet up on the headboard, or on the floor with your feet resting on the edge of a chair. Any swelling will disappear as trapped fluids travel back your legs towards your heart.
• Plunge your feet into a tub of cold water or sit on the side of the bath with your feet under the cold tap; then put them up for a while.
• Roll your feet over a couple of chilled cans of drink straight from the fridge.
• Spritz them with a cooling foot spray, you can buy minty ones in most chemists-keep them in the fridge in hot weather.

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