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As many of you know, my friends, the past few weeks of my life have been consumed by a new addiction: furniture and home decorating. Having just moved into a new place with nearly no furniture, there was much work to be done.

I am still waiting for the couch to arrive.

But, the bulk of the decorating is now behind me, and coincidentally, it is also payday, which seems an appropriate time to visit Sephora and reward myself for all the hard work of late. On my list:
• One of the new body butters from **Korres Natural Products.**I love the Guava, and have just discovered that they've added Quince and Yogurt variations too.• More **Becca Pressed Shimmer Powders**. I have the Gypsy and am in love with it. I may go for Hyawatha or Odette this time. These things are worse than Happy Meal toys, I swear. You get one and suddenly you feel this urge to collect them all.• Maybe, maybe, maybe, the new **bronzing primer from Smashbox.** I am new to this whole primer game (and I don't even wear foundation, I just use them to make my skin smooth and keep my blush on), but I am already addicted to the original Smashbox Photo Finish primer. Now the Bronzing one is here and I think it might be difficult to resist the upgrade.

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