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Financial Advice for Single Parents

By Mary

Everyone admits that the ideal parenting situation is a happy two-parent home, but the ideal isn’t always possible. More and more families are headed by one parent.

Benefits are that the children and parent tend to be closer, you can raise you child by your own beliefs without having to compromise with a mate, and children tend to be more independent and mature because they have to shoulder more responsibility than other children.

On the other hand, finances can be difficult. The child may lack a same-sex role model. Plus, parenting in general is stressful, so when there’s no one else to shoulder the problems.

Single parents should keep these ideas in mind:

1 Take Advantage of All the Resources Available to You. Some Church Groups Provide Low-cost Child Care. Public Health Facilities Ease the Burden of Health Care. There Are Also Clinics Which Offer Counselling on an Ability – to – Pay Basis

2 Take Care of Yourself. if You Don’t Feel Well or Don’t Get Enough Sleep, You Can’t Be the Type of Parent You Want to Be. Set up a Regular Time for Yourself and Get out of the House. Don’t Forget, You’re Entitled to a Life, Too

3 Set Firm Limits for Your Child and Enforce Them

4 Create a Large Support Network of Friends and Family

5 Don’t Put a Guilt Trip on Yourself. Your Child is Doing Just Fine with One Parent. You Don’t Need to Go to Extreme Measures, or Buy Expensive Gifts, to Make It up to Your Child

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