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Features Cute Amp Comfy
Features Cute Amp Comfy

Most of the time, fashion is all about dressing up. There are times though when high heels, pencil skirts and pantyhose are beyond unappealing, but you still want to look cute. Unfortunately, there isn’t much we can do about office dress codes, but for weekend wear just look below to find some cute but comfy items that will never be confused with sweatpants:

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I swear by the Nike Modern Workout Capri. Fine, it has the Nike logo on the hip, but the fabric is thick enough that you don’t look as though you’re wearing spandex out in public and trying to get away with it. They’re stretchy too, so they’re great for days when you’re not feel your most petite. nike.com


James Perse t-shirts. Cute, comfy, and in a variety of colors and cuts, there is something for everyone. Plus they are also crossover items to days when you do want (or atleast have) to dress up. jamesperse.com


Maloles Zoe or Camelia flats. The bow detailing on both styles is absolutely adorable, plus the “flat” factor means your feet won’t be aching after walking one block. maloles.com


Vince ½ Sleeve Cardigan. Grey is the ultimate comfort color, and if you can’t be wrapped in a) your favorite hoodie or b) a very large blanket, this oversized cardigan is the next best thing

Wrap up your neck with my go-to American Apparel scarf, toss your hair back with a metallic or tortoiseshell band/clip and you’re good to go

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