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To Gocco or Not to Gocco..

By Miss

Gocco--Something that months ago meant nothing, is now a part of my everyday vocabulary, especially right now while I am plagued with the question "to gocco or not to gocco". As I have previously posted ( and I'm sure I will post more of) FI and I are planning on making our own invitations/menus/place cards...etc. Even though I have been "anti" gocco before, I felt with the new set of projects, perhaps it was time to revisit the "gocco". So revisit it I have, I have been reading websites/reviews checking out different places that have Gocco material, the works. All in all I do like what I see, but my main question is, how is this different than printing with a printer? I have never seen a "gocco project" when it's finished, and I'm a little hesitant before spending about $200 in supplies! If anybody out there has Goccod or is familiar with the finished product I would love it if you could tell me pros/cons! I hear that it makes the invitations look more professional, which is definitely a plus, but I am honestly A little confused of what the finished product looks like in person, so I would appreciate it if fellow brides to be, past brides or just crafty people can let me know if they think its worth it! THANK YOU :)

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