Britian's Curry Crisis


Britian's Curry Crisis
Britian's Curry Crisis

It seems that the US is not the only country dealing with immigration issues. In England, the government uses a point-based system to determine migration by non-EU citizens. While this may be a good move for security reasons, it is actually bad for food reasons. You see, over the last several decades, many believe that curry has become England's "true national dish". However, thanks to the immigration restrictions, many of Britain's curry houses are suffering from a staff shortage. Restauranteur Ahmed Koysor said:

It's been really difficult to recruit locally. We have tried hiring eastern European staff but they have been mostly useless. No skills, no understanding of what we do. And besides, they need to speak the language of the kitchen if we are going to be good at what we do.

There are no confirmed figures, but the Bangladesh Caterers' Association states that there are 27,500 vacancies in Bangladeshi-owned restaurants and that immigration officials have said that no more Bangladeshi nationals will be allowed in. If this continues, many restaurants may be forced to close.

So what do you guys think of this? With curry being England's "national dish," do you think there should be some more wiggle room?

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