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Mashup 100 Urgent Situation ...

By popbytes

good morning boys & girls! today's mashup of the week selection from **DJ paul v.** marks the 100th mashup to be posted here on popbytes! many thanks to paul v. who has never let me down in almost two whole years - i am eternally grateful! i love having the column and i hope you all enjoy the mashes as much as i do - here's to the next hundred! (you can find all the previous ninety-nine mashups in the archive) popbytes over & out for now...xxoo!

Well well well - we're up to 100 mashups here on popbytes - how cool! Seeing as we got a little serious and political last week, this week we need to unleash some fun. Don't let the title fool you, though - because the only thing urgent about this situation is how quickly you should check it out. Here, **DJ Lobsterdust** (a bonafide star here on popbytes) brings you Foreigner (from 1981, when rock bands jumped on the "disco hit" train) meshed with a real disco hit of the era, "Situation" from **Yazoo** - who, by the way, will be doing their first US tour in 25 years this July! So get out the horns 'n synths and strike up the band!

Listen to **DJ Lobsterdust - Urgent Situation** [.mp3 6.3mb]

Enjoy! - DJ Paul V.
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