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Save Your Flesh from Mesh

By Bag

Top: Felix Rey Allison, $220; Badgley Mischka Saffron Mesh Clutch, $795
Bottom: Laura B Mesh, $822; Maison Martin Margiela Brass Mesh, $1055

We are not behind every trend but this one has really baffled me as to why it is even exists; for some strange reason there is a predominance of a highly impractical material for bags, mesh or chain mail. My stuff by itself is heavy enough, I do not need to be weighed down even more with a bag made out of steel. I mean, if you need to fend off sharks, get a lawyer. I have seen chain mail used a lot actually, I had dinner at Craft (love Tom Collichio, but of course Rocco Dispirito is my boyfriend, so cute!!) and the interior was done with chain mail curtains. It was really amazing and I can appreciate chain mail curtains because it will not cause severe deformity to my back. I will also admit, it has an interesting look and the draping is very dramatic and it makes that really cool swooshing sound. But for bags, it just does not make sense. Like the Maison Martin Margiela bags (I feel bad for making fun of his bags but how does one go from designing classic Hermes to bunchy saggy sacks?). I will say that other than the weight factor, the Margiela mesh bag is adoring to the eye, if I can just pretend for a moment that the alluring slack of the mesh is not due to its heft. It is so simple and I love the use of cream with the silver mesh, and it's the mesh that gives it the edge. I guess you call this a fashion catch 22. I can't say anything upbeat on the other mesh bags here though. A farmer's market sack in mesh is hardly inspiring and the Felix Rey chain shoulder bag just looks trashy (it comes in black and red, double and triple trashy, respectively). OK, I already changed my mind, I will say something nice about the Badgley Mischka evening bag, at least it is small so it won't cause a rotator cuff injury.

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