Color Scheme


Color Scheme
Color Scheme

Yes I know its probably a little late in the planning process to be talking about my color scheme, I mean I am getting married in 190 days ( the knot tracker is helpful :) ). But I have been having second thoughts about my color scheme...I love burgundy, and I think its a great fall color, however my problem has been what to pair with it. Green ( even the light colors) are too christmasy, I'm not a fan of orange ( just a personal opinion) and yellow is hit and miss. I have been searching around on differnt inspiration boards, one of my favorites Style me Prettyhas a lot of great ideas--One in particular caught my attention :

^ The above Inspiration board was found on Style me Pretty but is from the Blog Perfect Bound I love the silvery gray and burgundy red together, mixed with pearl--I think its classy ( which is what I'm aiming for) but also bold. However, I do worry that the Gray could be too "drab" but I feel if i make the bridesmaid dresses more silvery and not as grey that might help! I was also thinking of still making the MOH dresses burgundy/red as to add a "pop" What do you think?

Here is another board that I found on the Perfect Boundwebsite-with the same color scheme:

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