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hey kids! i have some exciting news to share with you - i've been considering adding in more pictures here on popbytes for sometime now - and i finally decided to get the site a photo subscription from WENN which has a great selection of current pictures that will give me plenty more to post on plus i know everyone likes eye candy - and besides i probably write too much on some of my posts - so this will be an opportunity to toss up more fun content (helping to keep it fresh) without having to write a novel!

to kick off the good times i decided amy winehouse will be the queen of my first set of photos! earlier today she was visiting her hubby 'blake, incarcerated' who is still sitting in a jail cell (her nasty case of impetigo was covered with a lot of makeup) i still don't have any clue to when he may get sprung from the slammer - does anybody know? he's been there for awhile now! i love how amy got all crafty on us with her homemade heart pinned to her shirt bearing her lover's name (let's pray she's not hiding drugs inside of it!) lordy she's such high drama but i just adore ms. winehouse (and her grammy winning multi-platinum album back to black) i'm hoping she'll manage to keep her shit together and start working on new material...i can't even deal with the thought of a 'tragedy' - that would be awful! popbytes over & out for now...xxoo!


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