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DVD Catch-up Atonement

By popbytes

good evening! i finally got around to watching atonement this afternoon which is fairly new to DVD (the film garnered 7 academy award nominations including best picture) i wasn't overly excited to watch it but oh my gosh - i freakin' LOVED it! the film held my attention the entire time - i thought the performances were excellent and the oscar-winning score was beautifully haunting! i also didn't realize legendary actress vanessa redgrave had a small part in the film - she should have been nominated for best supporting actress - ms. redgrave doesn't have a lot of screen time but she blew me away in the last few minutes of the film! of course being a sometimes over emotional person i totally had a nervous breakdown by the time everything was said and done - oh my gosh i so wished i had seen atonement in the theaters (although crying in public can be embarassing) i liked it way better than no country for old men which walked off with the best picture oscar earlier this year! if you haven't seen it already - i can't recommend it enough! i certainly didn't expect to like it as much as i actually did yet that's how it usually goes for me...the films that get me all pumped up usually disappoint and the ones i don't have much interest in seeing always surprise me! anyways i hope everyone is enjoying their weekend - popbytes over & out for tonight...xxoo!

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