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Strobe Light
Strobe Light

The other recent release from MAC is their Strobe collection. That came out this past Thursday. I've been looking forward to this one. As a lover of all things highlighting, the new version of Strobe Cream had me excited.

This collection features the infamous Strobe Cream, the new Strobe Liquid (a lighter version of Strobe Cream) and five new Tinted Lip Conditioners with SPF 15. This whole collection is about playing with light on skin.

I use to be active in the MAC LiveJournal community and one member there was a MAC makeup artist that did the most amazing makeup. She was a big fan of Strobe Cream and ever since she mentioned it, I've been interested it. My problem is that the cream version was too thick for me. Finally, Strobe Liquid solves that problem. I picked this up on Friday and I've worn it every day since. It's not heavily pigmented or too thick. It is light weight and gives you this lit from within look... this is love.

The lip conditioners are nice as well. When the Tendertones came out, I was a bit bummed because they were in a pot, I like seeing their lip products in a stick instead. They are very sheer so don't be intimidated by the shade you see in person. Try it first and then decide. I was sent a few by MAC but I also picked up Strobe Beam just for fun.

Shades include:
Strobe Kiss: sheer coral with a golden strobe pearl.
Strobe Rays: light caramel with golden red strobe pearl.
Strobeblossom: light blue/pink with red strobe pearl.
Strobe Beam: clear with strobe pearl.
Strobe Current: sheer plum with golden red strobe pearl.

Unfortunately, these lip conditioners are limited edition so you have to act now. Which ones would you pick up?

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