Features Gaps New Look


Features Gaps New Look
Features Gaps New Look

With fashion going mainstream over the past few years via stores like H&M and Target, it’s been tough for even an old favourite, like the Gap, to keep pace. Known mainly for being the go-to for American sportswear essentials, like basic jeans, t-shirts, sweaters and oxford button-downs, the Gap has not shifted from its clean cut, preppy aesthetic since I was a kid in Junior High.

After years of declining sales, designer Patrick Robinson was brought on board last year to refine and revamp the brand, and it finally looks like the old dog is about to learn some new tricks.

In a presentation yesterday, Robinson introduced the Gap’s line for AW08 with a clear aim towards modernizing their look to speak more to today’s target market. The Fall line will play with fit, fabric, colour and add some elements of high-fashion without veering too far from the clean Gap image.

Expect dark wash wide-leg jeans, oversized t-shirts and sweaters to layer, and outerwear in the form of pea coats and puffers. Based on the initial photos, the pieces look a lot more modern and edgy…much more interesting than the boot-cut jeans and crew neck sweaters we’ve been seeing for way too long!

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