Easy Summer Hair Style ...


Easy Summer Hair Style ...
Easy Summer Hair Style ...

I got a few emails from readers wanting to know what I mean when I say, I twist my hair to style it, (like HERE and HERE...) It's my fool-proof way to get a very natural looking wave into the hair, the quickest way possible. Needless to say, I do it on a lot of photo shoots. It looks best on medium to long hair and it's the easiest hair styling I know.

Here's some shots of when I used this hair styling trick on photo shoots:

foto credit: portfolio.gq.nu

Below is a shot I did the model's hair with a curling iron. It's a different type of curl. See the difference?

Here's the how to:

Take slightly damp or misted with water hair and divide it into 2 to 3 sections. Depends on how wavy you want your hair. The more you section your hair, the less hair you'll twist, giving you the most waves. Sometimes I part my hair down the back, so it's two sides, like two ponytails. Other times I do in 3 sections, 1 on each side of the head and the 3rd section in the back of the head.

Now, where I start the twist determines how the wave looks in the hair. If I start twisting at the top of my head (like near a part), then the waves are all the way down the hair, from top to bottom. If I start the twist so it's closer to the ear, or 1/2 down the hair, you'll then get the more modern style wave, where it's straighter near the scalp, and then the waves start half way, down to the ends. It's a more modern version.

foto: hairboutique.com

Then I'll take mousse (for soft wave or for hair that already is wavy or curly); or gel, for those with straighter hair, mixed with a dab of hair conditioner (this takes the 'crunch' out of the hair gel for a more touchable wave), and lightly apply to each section, keeping the sections separated.

Mousse Products I like:




Gel Products that work:

Bed Head Power Trip Hair Gel 7 oz

Joico JoiGel Styling Gel 10.5 oz


Then I take each section, and twist the hair, going from the top or middle of the hair down to the ends. Twist, twist, twist, till the hair twists upon itself. Here too, I can control how much or how little curl I want. The tighter the twist, the more curl. The softer or lighter the twist, the softer the wave. Then I'll take the section of hair and twist it around so it becomes a little curled up ball. or twist it around my finger so it becomes a small circle roll.. I anchor it with a large bobby pin. Then I let it air dry.

For a quicker set, I'll take the blow dryer and aim it at each section to dry faster (works best with the hair gel... gel loves heat and works better on hair that way..) Once the hair is completely dry, I'll undo the sections gently. Again, you can control how much wave you get. The less you touch your hair, the more wave stays in. Sometimes I'll just shake back and forth and leave it at that. Got too much wave? I'll work it through my hands to soften until I get the wave I want. Sometimes I'll take a bit of hair gloss and work it through.. soft, shiny waves, with hardly any effort from me. If you got way to much curl going on, dampen your hands with water and work through your hair. You can take half the curl out and soften it just enough. The best part? You can mist, twist and set the hair, and while it dries, do your makeup. By the time you're done, your hair is ready to take down and finish. It's just the easiest way to style hair.

Hair Gloss:

Bumble and Bumble Gloss 4 oz

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