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New Folgers, folks:Drinking Coffee Elsewhere ZZ Packerlinks §amazon §alibris">http://www.alibris.com/search/detail.cfm%253FS%253DR%2526isbn%253D1573223786">alibris §booksense §google §powells Folgers launches gourmet blends - Slashfood: Folgers, the coffee formerly known as the best part of waking up, is aiming further change its image by branching out into gourmet coffees. With new and improved packaging, new and improved flavors and a $20 million dollar advertising campaign, the company is hoping to prevent to loss of customers as these days “a gourmet version of coffee is the new standard.”Am I the only one thinking “this will likely be the worst 'gourmet' coffee ever?”Sorry. I just can't imagine any coffee made on such a scale as Folgers has to make their coffee would be anything but swill. Even (or maybe especially) Starbucks pushes the very limits of credibility when making the real-ish gourmet for millions of coffee drinkers every day. Which is likely why they continue to over-roast their coffees. I have a feeling the very darkest roasts are better suited to travel than something that was meant to be drunk within a week of roasting.Want better coffee? Then buy something at a local roaster, or order from a place that only roasts what they ship in a day.Yum.Because the best part of wakin' up is anything but Folgers in your cup. I will guarantee you that right now.Tags: coffee | espresso | folgers | roast | ship. [...]

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