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Warm up with Some Frozzzen Hot Chocolate.

By Beauty

If you every find yourself mid-town Manhatten (like a block east of Bloomie's) and having a craving for something sweet...Or are freezing cold and are in the same said Manhatten and want a quick warm-up...Then you must stop into Serendipity 3. It is the most fun little eatery famous for their Frozzzen Hot Chocolate.Now, if you know you can't get to the infamous Serendipity 3, then you must check this out: They have their own Frozzen Hot Chocolate Lick Balm. Lip Balm like - Lick Balm. Why Lick Balm? Well, the Serendipity people are smart. They just know that you will be lickin' and lickin' and lickin' your lips until you can't any more.Seriously, the lip balm tastes delicious and it softens and smoothes your lips using real cocoa extracts. Delicious! I just knew chocolate had to be for something!Lick Balm comes in a standard chapstick-like type tube, with a twist. It twists up at the top of the balm, instead of the bottom. Easy to get used to.It is available at CosmeticMall.comfor a craving reducing price of $6.95. And while there, be sure to check out the Frrrozen Hot Chocolate Bubble Bath. A bath and body gel that allows you the pleasure of bathing in the famous drink. And you must not pass over the Frozzen Hot Chocolate Body Icing. That is a chocolate scented body moisturizer that leaves your skin soft and shimmering that is also enriched with real cocoa bean extracts. [...]

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