Halloween Booze


Halloween Booze
Halloween Booze

Last night I stopped in at my friends house for a glass of wine. I should explain that this is a common occurrence. My neighborhood is a functioning alcoholics wonderland. Not that I'm an alcoholic functioning or otherwise. Though I seem to be building a higher tolerance these days. Most of the homes here are built with mini bars somewhere near the entry way. Mine is in the kitchen. At 4PM if you listen really hard you can hear corks popping everywhere. Lots of stay at home mommies and non-commuters like myself watching the clock for happy hour.

What the heck are we so happy about. Well mommies are probably happy that daddies are coming home and non-commuters are happy they aren't stuck on C-470, the gateway to our happy neighborhood.

So it is Halloween which calls for the large wine goblets. That way we can stick to our story that we had "just one glass of wine". If it works for Paris Hilton, it should work for us too right? It gets dark and the trick-or-treaters start arriving. Earlier before leaving my house I placed a self service candy bin at my door. A form of trick insurance I think.

It was cold enough that you could see your breath. My friends husband bundled the kids up and I headed out with him to take them around begging for candy. Of course before doing so I negotiated for 30% of the total booty which includes 100% of the milk duds, sugar babies, and sugar daddy's.

The kids didn't seem to be effected by the cold weather. Which was great because I love my caramel. I mentioned to my friends husband that I should have drank a little more and he smiles and produces a flask and plastic cups. "What's in the flask?" I ask. He replies, "Jack Daniels". Great... Tennessee whiskey... how apropos. I took a cup and he filled it up. I probably should be concerned that my beer and wine days are being replaced by whiskey and bourbon. Much more of this and I'll need to change this blog from A Yoga Coffee Outlook to A Rehab Bourbon Bed-spin.

We walked for blocks, sipping whiskey, the kids yelling... "next house, next house". They were so excited and it reminded me of what it felt like to be a kid. For the first time in a long while I felt okay. Nothing changed last night. I woke up this morning with all the same problems I had before the trick-or-treating therapy. I also have to admit to waking up with a rather nasty whiskey burp. If you are laughing you understand what I mean.

I think that sometimes a little booze and abnormal behavior like wandering the neighborhood with small children begging for candy can be good for your soul.

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