Dog Couture at Its Best


Happy Friday to all โ€ฆ and especially to Scout and me! Our favorite designer is at it again. Introducing Pink Polka Dogโ€™s brand-new and fabulous Spring/Summer 2007 collection. And this season is all about Rock โ€˜nโ€™ Roll! title='tiger-hoodie.jpg'>

Miyuki(the talented fashion designer) and Snoopy (her beloved Chihuahua fashion icon!) offer unique styles in the way of the Sex Pistols and Janis Joplin.

Bohemian chic has never been chic-er!

Fashionable dogs rejoice! Check out Snoopy in his (oh, I canโ€™t help it) grrrrrrrrrreat Tiger (Big Cat) Hoodie. Fun and fashionable, this hoodie will keep your pooch warm in the winter months and stylish all year round. title='skulls.jpg'>

Now, moving on to Scoutโ€™s personal favorite, the pink I ROCK SKULLS Tank. Sure itโ€™s pink, but overly-girlie? No way! A tomboy like Scout loves the punk design but also digs the slight feminine touch. What can I say? I totally agree.

Pink Polka Dogis the urban dogโ€™s answer to the power walk! Not only are pups kept warm and comfortable in Pink Polka Dogโ€™s designs, smaller dogs feel fierce in their stylish garb.

Way to go, Miyuki and Snoopy. Another hot collection keeps โ€˜em panting!

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