Animal Instincts


Animal Instincts
Animal Instincts

Left: Elephant wicker bag by Lacroix Right: Green bag by Krizia

I love animals but that does not mean I want to carry a wicker elephant bag around (even if it is Lacroix). This bag has absolutely no point not to mention no functionality whatsoever. If it's part of your Halloween costume and you are dressed as a circus ringmaster then fine, it might work. I don't like kitsch of any kind, especially in handbags, keep it classic ladies and you won't go wrong! Like I always preach, you are what you carry and if you carry this whacky elephant thing around, what are you saying? The Krizia green suede bag with leather cutouts is not as bad but is still ridiculous not to mention kind of creepy as the leopard looks like it's about to eat it's baby. The pieces actually look glued on and a bit like the 3-D childrens' books our kids adore, they'd probably rip these silly cutouts right off! Come to think of it, that would be its only saving grace as it would at least become a simple green suede hobo bag. I have no idea where to buy these crazy bags and I doubt they were ever produced, most likely editorial samples made to create a buzz in the press. And look, it worked, I'm writing about them aren't I? Seriously, if you love animals, show your love by donating the money to your favorite animal charity instead of wasting it on these bags.

Source: Elle

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