Introducing Candy - My New Puppy!

good morning y'all! last weekend i added another pet to the popbytes mix! meet candy - a five month old little girl long haired chihuahua - i already have two dogs (**parker** & fidel) and i really wasn't too keen on getting a third one but one of the neighbors on my block was trying to give her away - and once i saw her i simply couldn't resist - she really needed a good home - plus having a little female energy in the house is a good thing! she's super sweet and a little naughty but she has fit right in here - and now she's losing her baby teeth so i keep finding little teeth all over - and she's chewing everything in sight but that's what puppies do! she has already claimed her princess status - and has all things pink - after having boy dogs for so long - it's so much fun to have a girl doggie! i'm already convinced she needs to have her headshot taken - she's perfect for the movies! anyways i'm not really feeling that motivated today after having three days off but alas it's time to get back to work :( popbytes over & out for now...xxoo!

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