Rent-a-Dog Option May Be Good for Travelers ...


Rent-a-Dog Option May Be Good for Travelers ...
Rent-a-Dog Option May Be Good for Travelers ...

This is Be Kind to Animals Week, a chance to recognize the unique bonds between humans and animals, and how they enhance the quality of our lives each and every day.

Those of us who have pets and travel, frequently have to balance a variety of issues in order to be good pet owners. Some people take their pets with them when they travel, others find pet sitters, others leave them alone for short periods of time, and enjoy quality relationships with them when they’re home. There’s no one right answer.

Sometimes the most responsible choice is to not be a pet owner at all. But what if you don’t want to miss out on that human - pet bonding experience?

If you live in Southern California, or are traveling there, you have an option with Flexpetz. With Flexpetz you can rent a dog for just a few hours or for up to a week at a time. If you’re in need of a little TLC when you’re on the road, or maybe need a few hours of unconditional love, a couple of hours with an adoring four-legged friend should do the trick.

The dogs are primarily rescues, have been through an extensive training program, and live in a cage-free environment. You can be content in the knowledge that while they’re helping you, you’re giving something back as well. This may be a perfect solution for those of you who travel regularly to the same location.

Your Flexpetz enrollment is a one time fee of $150 which covers a mandatory one hour introduction session with a FLEXPETZ trainer. The session covers basic information about the dogs, dog training and handling, along with a background check. After approval, you pay a monthly membership fee of $39.95,which goes toward providing full care for all of the dogs at the location, with a daily fee based on your particular visitation time and length. Membership also covers a Convenience Package that includes a dog bed, per-packaged food, a food and water bowls, and a leash.

Dog appointments can then be made online, and you choose from the dogs available at the location you wish, on your selected date and time. You can arrange to pick up the dog yourself, or use the Flexpetz shuttle to deliver and collect the dog to and from your home or office.

Your membership is valid at all Flexpetz locations. Currently, that’s only Los Angeles and San Diego, with Manhattan opening in June. Other planned US locations are: San Francisco, Seattle, Boston, Miami, Santa Monica, Long Beach, Chicago, Philadelphia, Houston, Phoenix, West Palm Beach, and Washington D.C. Other planned international locations are: London, Glasgow, Paris, Cannes, Sydney, and Tokyo.

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