Automatic Pet Feeder


Are you a cat or a dog person? Regardless of either pet, one of the main concerns that prevent you from taking long breaks at the Bahamas with your girlfriends would be the well being of Fido or Fluffy. Unless you trust your neighbors to take good care of your beloved four legged friend, who else is going to feed them? Why not pick up this Automatic Pet Feeder that will certainly take a whole load of worry from your brow, featuring a trio of compartments for you to store up to three days' worth of food at best. I suppose this works best with small to mid-sized dogs as larger breeds will probably end up hungry after a couple of days.

The Automatic Pet Feeder also boasts a voice recorder that can record up to 20 seconds of a loving message in your voice, enabling you to help your pet beat the blues whenever you're not around. This voice recording will only be played back during feeding time. It is powered by a quartet of C batteries. The Automatic Pet Feeder retails for AU$39.95. . Just don't take a break that's longer than 3 days.

Product Page via Nerd Approved

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