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Shanghai for Kids

By Ruth

Is there a place for young travelers in busy Shanghai? This article form the NY Times points you where to go with the little ones in tow. Among the recommended destinations and activities are:

MagLev - a 267mph German-engineered magnetic levitation train, this ride cuts the 30 km journey from the airport to the town in just 8 minutes. See the timetable and fare guide to help you plan your ride.

Yu Yuan (Yu Garden) area - get your kids immersed in Chinese culture while shopping. When the merchants demonstrate bubble-blowers and Chinese yo-yos, it’ll be a fascinating experience for the kids too.

Shanghai Municipal History Museum - dioramas, life-size wax models and videos makes history a lot less ho-hum!

Science and Technology Museum - a truly fascinating and educational destination for children, particularly the IWERKS 4D theater andChildren’s Technoland:

Children’s Technoland is a fantasy world of children designed for age 1 to 12, where children can sense the outside world, observe the natural phenomenon and participate in the technological practice by a series of technological recreations. With the theme of knowledge and recreation, science and game, this area is aiming to provide enlightening education of technology in a pleasant atmosphere, and let children learn through play.

For good outdoor play: Gongqing Forest Park, the Shanghai Huangpu River Cruise tours are good bets.

Read the full article for more, including dining and accommodation suggestions.

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