Find Neighbors for Pet Sitting Services ...


Find Neighbors for Pet Sitting Services ...
Find Neighbors for Pet Sitting Services ...

It’s spring vacation time, and there are lots of families on the airplanes. More and more families are realizing and appreciating the experiences that travel add to life.

Just the other day I was chatting with a family who were getting away for a little beach vacation: Mom, Dad, three kids, and their two dogs. Two dogs? Yes, it seems that as more and more hotels are accommodating pets, families are bringing them along on vacations.

I’m an animal lover myself, but quite frankly have never considered bring my cats along with me on a vacation. I’m not sure who would be more traumatized by the travels, my cats or me. Cats are self-sufficient enough to be left alone for short periods of time, and that’s important when you have a job like mine. When I’ve been gone for longer periods of time, I have some resources to call upon for cat-sitting.

But what if you don’t? Are pets and traveling exclusionary choices?

That premise was what led to the start of the PetWatch Club, a website that matches up pet owners who need sitter services, with pet owners who are willing to provide those services. You can find a pet sitter for your next vacation via PetWatch and its database of thousands of pets and their owners.

This isn’t a typical boarding/sitting arrangement, which is frequently impersonal and expensive. This is a match up of pet owners who live in the same general neighborhood. Visit the site, type in your zip code, and meet Fido who lives down the street, and Fluffy who lives in the next block. (I typed in my zip code, and found several people and their pets in my neighborhood.)

PetWatch Club members use the service to match up with other pet owners for pet play dates, information, and exchanging of sitting services. If you have to leave your pet behind when you travel, you can do so knowing that a trusted neighbor is caring for them.

You can make traveling work β€” even when your family consists of four-legged members.


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