Digital Camera Makes You Look Thinner


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You've heard time and again that photos of models in magazines are digitally altered -- sometimes drastically. People look thinner, have whiter teeth and brighter skin -- even re-shaped breasts and backsides. Most of these effects are achieved with photo editing software, which is time consuming to learn and to use. So, chances are, you don't have time to trim a few pounds off in photos you share with friends and family.

But what if your digital camera could do that work for you?

A feature on some HP models allows you to condense the image your photographing, which -- in essence -- makes the subject look thinner. You've all head that "the camera adds 10 pounds," and, according to the camera's manufacturers, the "slimming feature" corrects that. In that way, it's like using red-eye reduction to keep your subjects from looking like demons when you use the flash, or the camera's "skin tone" features to make sure no one winds up a sickly shade of green.

Or maybe it's just a little boost for your self-esteem. In any case, if you're interested, check out this list of HP cameras that come with this feature.
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