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I don't know where Vantage Pictures was when I was looking (and doing insane research) for a photographer, but if I had known about them they would have been serious contenders. This is yet ANOTHER husband and wife duo. They are based out of Pennsylvania but they regularly do weddings in Virginia, Maryland and D.C.

Check out their blog for some great slideshows of their recent weddings. What I really like about their site, though, is that you can look at entire albums of the weddings they have shot. This is such a great resource especially if you are doing a lot of your planning online. Most photographer's sites you will only get the "best of" and you can't really tell what your wedding will look like. After all, anyone can take a few good pictures at a wedding. After going through just a few of the 27 albums they have online I was convinced I'd be happy if one of these albums was mine.

The best part about this talented couple? Their rates start at $2,000. They can go up to $4,500, but considering you can't touch most D.C. photographers for less then $3,500 I think Vantage Pictures is a steal.

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