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The Worst Wax Figures - Ever - Seriously

By popbytes

oh my goodness! if i were either lindsay lohan or leann rimes - i'd be on the phone in a heartbeat making sure the newly unveiled wax figures in their likeness were removed immediately from madame tussauds wax museum over in NYC - just have a look below - yikes! (lindsay is a drop better than leann but not by much - poor ms. rimes looks like crap as wax!) i'd assume celebrities might be involved in some kind of 'approval process' over their waxy doppelgänger but i guess not based on the looks of these figures (their outfits are hideous - that cheap necklace on lindsay's neck - oh my word!) both ladies look beat & worn out kinda like the drugged out hookers (especially leann) that used to be all over times square! (they should bring them back - they did add an element of spice to the big apple - of course they're still around but you have to look a little harder than in the past...) once i saw these pictures - i knew i had to get them up on popbytes - they were simply too awful to pass up on! (i doubt we'll see ms. lohan or ms. rimes at the wax museum anytime soon...) popbytes over & out for tonight - i'm sure there will be plenty of good times tomorrow - oh monday :(

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