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Family Crossings - the Happiest Family Place Online ...

By Olga

Have you ever gone through all of your happy family moments captured on paper and thought of creating a perfect family album? Or have you ever wondered how to make your father or husband ** remember the dates of the upcoming birthdays and anniversaries**? Or maybe you wondered how to nicely tell your aunt that you already have at least 10 sweaters with Santa and you do not need one more?

Well, with **Family Crossings** these dreams may come true, my friend! This unique website is everything you need to make your family even happier!

It's the place where you can:
• announce family news
• plan your family vacation
• share those favorite family recipes
• never miss Birthdays and Anniversaries again
• plan family reunions
• always know what gift to give
• share special photos
• never lose a family member's address again
• keep in touch with distant relatives
...because FAMILY... is everything! :)

Some of these services are available for free with Family Crossings free version and all of them are available with Family Crossings premium version.

And the best part is that Family Crossings provides you with a secure environment, using virtual equivalents of locks and alarms, so that you can enjoy your family pictures or calendars knowing that all this information is safe.

My personal favorites are Live Family Chats and Wish Lists. For once you can chat live with all your family in one place and at the same time! And the Wish List... How many times you spent hours looking for gifts for your relatives, and not being satisfied with what you got? Or how many times you had to pull the "happy" face opening a box with something you would never consider buying yourself? The good news is that with Family Crossings everyone's present will be just right!

And the last, but not the least - Family History feature! We always want to capture the happy moments in our memory, and here is how to make them last forever: writing family stories for you, your children and generations to come with Family Crossing's Family History.

With all the upcoming holidays, there could be no better time to get started with creating your very own happy family place at Family Crossings!

PS: This post has been sponsored by the happiest virtual family place - Family Crossings.

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