Design Your Own Converse Sneaker

Those old canvas shoes sitting in the back of your closet are back with a vengeance this Spring. But if you’re not content with one of your old tattered pairs (apparently the dirtier and shaggier the better), and you’re not happy with buying something that everyone else will end up wearing, Converse’s home page will let you design your own unique pair. You can choose from a hi-top to a low, and you also get to choose the body color or pattern, the inside body color, the heel stripe color, the tongue color, the lining color, the rubber sidewall color, the racing strip color, the stitch color, and the lace color. And to top it all off, or rather bottom, you can add your custom text to the heel stripe or the outside low rear. The price for these custom sneaks are even reasonable - a pair that we created was just $60. And once you’ve put your master piece together you can print it out or email it to a friend, in case you need a second opinion before you take out your credit card. And that is probaly a wise thing to do, because we’re starting to think that perhaps we should leave the shoe designing to professionals (see our creation above).

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