Killer Heels Might Poke Your Eye out


Killer Heels Might Poke Your Eye out
Killer Heels Might Poke Your Eye out

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Here's one way to make sure potential suitors know you mean business -- heels with dozens of thorns sticking out. You're either saying "I'm a rose, and like a rose, I can be prickly," or you're saying, "I can kill you with my footwear."

In all honesty, I think they're kind of cool. Sure, it's a little over the top, but they'll certainly make you stand out, and -- especially from a distance -- wouldn't look that dangerous.

I think the main problem with the thorn heel is practicality. You'd have to be very careful while walking, to make sure the shoe didn't pass too close to your ankle as you shifted from one foot to the other, and I don't think you could wear these anyplace crowded. Could you imagine being in a club, trying to look cool on the dance floor, when some guy tries to hit on you -- only to stumble away in pain after his foot was accidentally stabbed by one of the spikes?

Unfortunately, for those of you that are interested, I have no idea how you'd acquire shoes like this. The site I found the photo on isn't selling them, and a quick Google search didn't turn up any results. But I have the feeling if you took this photo to your local university, and gave it to a fashion design student, he or she would almost certainly be up for the challenge.

Maybe try something other than nails for the thorns though, OK? Something a little safer, perhaps?
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