Camileon Heels: No More Painful Feet with Shoes That Convert from Heels to (almost) Flats

You're probably looking at these heels thinking 'so what?'. A pair of simple black Mary Janes is decidedly average unless they've got the name Manolo Blahnik attached, which these don't. But wait, what about those one inch flats next to them? Well, therein lies the wow factor; they are the same shoes. Designed by Dr David Camileon after noticing the amount of women in New York who would walk to work in trainers and slip into something less comfortable for the office, the Camileon heels took two decades to create....

There's a lot of science talk about folding steel rods and hidden cavities but ultimately these are heels that can turn into flats which means comfort, no extra bag carrying around your Nikes and a pair of heels you can run for the bus in...need I say more? The one draw back is that you're paying $305 for these particular 'Camelia' heels which seems pretty pricey based on how they look, but I guess there's no sum too large for a pair of heels that transform from heels to flats in seconds.

If you like the look of them, visit to view the full range. They're also available at Though neither currently ship outside of the USA, you could use a service like Access USA to get them sent abroad.

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