Repeat Trend- Flats ...


Repeat Trend- Flats ...
Repeat Trend- Flats ...

Pamela Anderson


Flats are still popular. I have tons of them. I love them because it's easy to find really cheap cute ones and there is a flat for almost every occassion. You can find flats in sneaker form, ballet form, sandals, or even with a tiny kitten heel. Flats come in numerous prints so you can always find some for your style.

Because skimmer flats are such a small shoe, I thought they were only for the spring/ summer, but after wearing them all winter, I'm gonna keep on adding to the collection. I still like the Ked's styles, but for cheaper options, (but still very cute) stores like Wet Seal, Target, and Forever 21.
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Product of the Week:

I feel so silly talking about make- up compared to the other 'professional' make- up bloggers. I'm in my early 20's and I'm very new to it. Like, I don't think you all understand how much of a beginner I am. But oh well, this is my journey and my discovories.

So, I have found clear mascara. I wondered what the point of it was... until now. It still lifts and separates like colored mascara, but without the chunkiness (you know what I mean). I already have long eye lashes, so it doesn't make them look too dramatic. And, you can use it for your eyebrows too! I was so surprised. It combs them and adds definition. I use it every single day!

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