Cover Girl Exact Eyelights Eye Brightening Mascara – Expert Review

Cover Girl light the way with this innovative new formula claiming it can brighten your eyes. Dim the lights and let’s check if it works!
Type of Mascara: Brightening
Colours Available: Black Pearl, Black Sapphire, Black Ruby & Black Gold
Price Range: Cheap
Product Claims:
Get 4 x brighter eyes with Exact Eyelights Mascara! Light-reflecting metallics and a hint of a tint bring out your blues, browns, hazels and greens, while our patented no-clump brush helps define lashes.
My Experience:
I usually steer clear of novelty cosmetics as I have sensitive skin and usually find them irritating, but I was keen to try this one just to see if it worked! I found the formula was easy to apply and the Black Sapphire shade was only a slight shade away from black, nothing too dramatic. I definitely wouldn’t use this mascara again for one simple reason – the light reflecting particles didn’t stay on my lashes, and the shower of glitter under my eyes wasn’t just undesirable it was irritating! The actual colour wore well and didn’t smudge. However, this eye brightening formula drew attention to my eyes but for the wrong reasons – bloodshot is not the look I was hoping for!
Overall Rating: Bad
Price: $7.49 at
Do you like to try novelty cosmetics? Do you find them irritating to your skin?

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