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Best Beauty Pick NARS Lip Gloss ...

By Mabelle

Edited by Tania

Our best beauty product pick of the day is the**Nars Lip Gloss **(Sephora, $24).
The first thing that I noticed about this product is that there are a lot of really great-lookin' shades to choose from: Orgasm, a peachy pink shimmery shade, and Female Trouble, a lilac mauve shade – are two of my personal faves.

The **Nars lip gloss**** **comes in a portable tube and sponge wand which makes applying the pigment-dense gloss a snap.

If you haven't tried Nars lip gloss before, you'll be missing out a lot, beauty-wise! This is because the Nars lip gloss comes in a creamy texture. I personally love anything that’s cream-based, from blush to foundation to something for the lips, and that's exactly what the Nars lip gloss provides.

As one user feedback says, the only drawback to this product is the platic-y taste – but other than that, the results are simply fab!

** Available in the following shades:** Babe, Bad Education, Bloodwork, Chantaco, Chihuahua, Dole Vita, Female Trouble, Foul Play, Frisky Summer, Giza, Gothika, Greek Holiday, Harlow, Meltis, Misbehave, Moon Fleet, Orgasm, Pillow Talk, Revolt, Risky Business, Rose Birman, Rose Gitane, Sandpiper, Scandal, Stella, Stolen Kisses, Striptease, Sunset Strip, Supervixen, Sweet Dreams, Tempest, Triple X, Turkish Delight
Experts' Opinion:

Specialkalle, 23 yr old Court Reporter, from Baltimore,Maryland, US

This is a good gloss, not sticky and long wearing, my only complaint would be the taste/scent. It's slightly plasticy
Carissa, Hooked on Beauty, Makeup artist

If you haven't tried a Nars gloss before, expect a creamy texture with rich colors, not the usual sticky sheer gloss.
Chanel, Fun girl with a design degree, from Louisiana, US

The NARS Long Lip Gloss Set is the perfect gift for any woman on your list (or to keep for yourself - real talk..). A modern spin on a timeless classic, NARS Lip Gloss provides serious shine and sexy color for any occasion.

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