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Rimmel Eye Magnifier Mascara Expert Review ...

By Lesley

Rimmel claim to create eye-opening results with this mascara. We went all doe-eyed at the idea but let’s see what happened when we tested it out…
Type of Mascara: Lengthening
Colours Available: Extreme Black, Black & Brown
Price Range: Cheap
Product Claims:
Ultra-extending, eye opening mascara. Unique Eye Magnifier applicator. Body boosting formula For 70% more vertical lashes and outstanding lash lift. Give them an eyeful!
My Experience:
I was excited to try this after sampling a few other Rimmel mascaras and finding that it’s possible to create amazingly luscious lashes without breaking the bank. What a let-down! I had only taken the applicator out and I immediately noticed how dry and thick the formula was. The brush felt really bristly and it was difficult to apply evenly. After much fuss with this horrible brush, I found the results to be equally unappealing. My lashes looked stuck together and really unattractive! I reluctantly applied another coat in hope of rectifying this dire situation but it clumped and made matters worse! I wasn’t at all surprised to see it flake during the day as it felt so dry from the beginning. I’m really disappointed in this mascara and I can’t imagine anyone would want to buy this product!
Overall Rating: Bad
Price: $6.99 at
Have you tried this product? Did you like the brush and formula? Were you happy with the results?

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