Cover Girl Marathon Curved Brush Waterproof Mascara – Expert Review ...

Cover Girl claim this is their winning mascara, promising long lasting lush lashes all day long. We gave it a trial run to see if it really can go that extra mile…
Type of Mascara: Waterproof
Colours Available: Black & Black Brown
******Price** Range: Cheap
Product Claims:
This incredible mascara stands up to every challenge – beautifully. No matter what the weather or how hectic the schedule, Marathon meets your demands for dramatic lashes with a long-lasting waterproof formula. It makes lashes a smash – without smudges, streaks or flakes.
My Experience:
I found this mascara was so incredibly waterproof I was worried about how I would get it off! The application felt very wet and took a while to dry, so I ended up with a few smudges. Even when it dried it still had a ‘wet look’ almost like hair gel! It’s not a look I’m keen to recreate but I’m sure some woman would like it. It also lengthened my lashes but nothing extraordinary. I couldn’t believe how tenuous this mascara was in terms of waterproof ability, no matter what I threw its way it never blinked a droplet! I found it quite difficult to remove at the end of the day, but I guess that’s the Price you pay for a mascara this water resistant!
Overall Rating: Good
Price: $5.49 at
Do you think waterproof mascara is worth the hard scrub at the end of that day?

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