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Bourjois Pump up the Volume Waterproof Mascara Expert Review ...

By Lesley

Bourjois know that ladies love mascara with that added oomph so they have created this waterproof volumising mascara. Let’s check did it have us singing in the rain…
Type of Mascara: Volumising & Waterproof
Colours Available: Black, Brown & Blue
Price Range: Cheap
Product Claims:
Make a splash with pumped-up, waterproof lashes. With volumising microbeads and water-resistant carnauba wax for voluptuous volume that withstands extreme conditions. The nylon fibre brush perfectly lifts and separates each lash. Tested under ophthalmologic control.
My Experience:
I was so impressed with the orginal of this mascara, I hoped I wouldn’t be let down by the waterproof version! It wouldn’t be the first time! Fortunately this mascara offers a huge scaling up of volume also, not to the same extent as the original but the difference is hardly noticeable as there is so much going on! This mascara can really stand up to the big boys like Dior, creating results of a similar standard. I found the waterproof version wore better during the day, without flaking and provided complete water resistance. Another great mascara from Bourjois!
Overall Rating: Excellent
Price: $7.25 at
I tried this mascara in black but I’m sure blue would look amazing for a night out on the town! Have you tried it?

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