Lip Care - Shiseido Lip Treatment SPF 36 ...


Lip Care - Shiseido Lip Treatment SPF 36 ...
Lip Care - Shiseido Lip Treatment SPF 36 ...

Does your lip balm has enough SPF to keep your lips youthful and luscious?

If you use a Chopstick with 8 SPF or 5 SPF it's hardly enough...

Professionals say that anything less than 30 SPF is very questionable even if you live up North.

After months of searching and trying, I found the lip balm that actually has enough protection to keep the free radicals away from my lips and that actually works for me!

It's Shiseido Sun Protection Lip Treatment SPF 36 PA++

As it's not a cheap product ($19.00 on Sephora), so I though you might want to know how this lip balm performs before you actually spend your money.

Shiseido Sun Protection Lip Balm PROS:
- it smells good

- it looks very stylish

- it has an SPF 36++ (which is pretty much all protection your lips need)

Shiseido Sun Protection Lip Balm CONS:
- it's not cheap

- it gives your lips a nude look

But if you have beautiful tan skin AND white sparkling teeth, you will definitely enjoy this lip balm and the way it looks on you!

The last Con:

- you might have to reapply it every hour or so (I don't know if it's me, but somehow, my lip products keep fading away in an hour time)...

But apart from this, I am loving this** Sun Protection Balm**, especially, taking into consideration that nude lips are so huge this Fall! And it's always great to do both: Protect and Be Fab at the same time, right? ;)

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